My Spring Bucket List

My Spring Bucket List on Hanna's Places

Spring is already a week old, so I think it’s time to write down (and share ;) a few of my goals for this season. I can’t believe it’s April so very soon, so I’m determined not to let the year slip away but make the most of the season ahead.

My Spring Bucket List

+ Spring Clean and throw away everything I don’t need.

+ Continue going jogging regularly (try a 10k!)

+ Cut out white bread from my diet. Bake whole-wheat bread instead.

+ Go strawberry picking (after saying I want to for at least two years).

+ Go on a road trip with my friends.

+ Spend some time outside everyday.
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Project Green – Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

Project Green | Eat Fair Trade Chocolate on Hanna's Places

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! How are you all doing? I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for a new and fresh week.

This week I have a little challenge for all of you. I recently read a few articles about the chocolate industry and its cruel ways. People get exploitet just so that we can buy a bar of chocolate for almost nothing. Let me give you some facts: About 60 % of the chocolate we can buy here is either from Ghana or the Ivory Coast. In both of these countries, child labour and even slavery is really common. Children that are about four or five years old work with machetes that are often bigger than they are themself, which makes self-mutilation also more common than one would hope for. Instead of going to school and being able to live the way children should live, playing all day without thinking about tomorrow, they start working in an industry that is harsh and unforgiving. Some are even displaced from their families to start living a life of misery. Not really what you want to think about as you bite into your piece of chocolate, right?

Well, gladly there is an alternative! Thanks to the fact that living green is so hip at the moment, you can buy some fair trade chocolate at almost every supermarket. I know that these are a bit more expensive than regular chocolate most of the time and don’t have all those yummy varieties as well. Think of it this way, buying less chocolate is actually a good way to support your Spring diet ;). And who knows, if more people start buying fair trade, maybe there’ll be more options someday as well?


What about you? Do you already buy a lot of Fairtrade products? And would you start buying fair chocolate?


Graphic by Danielle Marshall for Project Green. To see more of her work, you can go here.


A Happy List


Good morning everybody! How are you all doing? Today I’m just writing a super-quick post, because I should actually be writing the last few pages of my last paper of the school year. Here are a few things that have made me happy lately:

Reading lots of new books instead of sitting in front of the computer | Painting | Eating the first strawberries of the year which taste so good (!) | Getting back into the swing of jogging and running my first 5k | All the sunshine we’ve been having lately | Heading out for breakfast with friends | Sitting outside on the balcony in a t-shirt (in March) | Planning a trip to visit these two | Deeper relationships with new friends | Did I mention the sun already? | Eating cereal all day every day | Fresh flowers in my room | Realizing again and again how awesome my family is | Watching my brother make a Lego stop-motion film | New lipstick

What about you? What are the things making you happy at the moment?

How We Do – Thrifting

How We Do | Thrifting on Hanna's Places

It’s time for a new How We Do Issue guys. Already the fourth one (wow!). This time Trina and I talk about thrifting and we both have some really different stories to tell. Here we go…


Hanna writes: Thrifting is one of the things I first heard of from reading blogs. It sounded like the coolest thing ever (I love vintage clothing and decorations), but I’ve never heard of anything similar in Germany. Of course, we have the occasional flea market, but it’s mostly full of old children’s toys and strange video games.
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Our Perfect Date – Emily & Tommy

Our Perfect Date | Emily & Tommy

Good morning! Today I have the pleasure of welcoming one of my dearest blogging pals, Emily, and her husband Tommy on Hanna’s Places. She’s a highly talented photographer and blogger (I love all her posts on travelling) and also recently opened up her own jewellery shop on Etsy! I can’t wait to snatch up my first piece (I have my eyes on this one).

Anyway, Emily is here today to show us, that the perfect date can be quite simple really. I hope it makes you smile as much as me!

When and why did you fall in love?

If you want the exact answer, we met when he was a freshman and I was a junior in college. We’d both signed up for a 5k marine mud race and carpooled there. He thought I was cute and forgot about me. I thought he was cute and forgot about him.

Fast forward two years.

I was in Texas, he was at home. I spent my Fridays alone in the office and he hadn’t found a job. Someway or another, one of us online-chatted the other and soon our Friday chats became a thing. I returned home for my last semester of college, and I’d like to say he sealed the deal right there and then. But awkward is as awkward does, and we obliviously danced around each other for a few months until one Thursday night, we sat down for coffee . Amidst raised eyebrows and much sipping, he popped the question, “I’m game for it, if you are?” to which I indignantly replied, “Ask me nicer than that, but yes.”

When people ask how we knew he/she was the one, I never know how to answer that. We fell in love immediately. There’s something so special about being with someone who is an answer to prayers you thought God had forgotten about (as if He could). Someone who puts your needs above their own, someone who is literally your missing puzzle piece. Above all though, there’s something so special about choosing to love and be with someone, and choosing to love and be with them every day for the rest of your life.
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