What I’m looking forward to this Christmas season

looking-forward-christmas-2017It’s the first Sunday in Advent tomorrow, Christmas songs are playing, my favourite time of the year is upon us!
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Let’s declutter! 10 items to get rid off

Let's declutter - 10 items to get rid off today

Everyone’s got them: Closets full of stuff you don’t really need, use or like.
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A great app to form new habits

A great new app to help you form new habits

A new year, new resolutions and with that, new habits. It’s the same every year, isn’t it?
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Living Simple | 10 (Little) Things to Be The Change

10 Little Things to be the change you want to see

We all want to ‘change the world’ a little bit, don’t we? Make it a better place to live in.
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The Little Things – Just Start Doing


The other day I painted. I got out my old watercolor paint from school and just started.
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Living Simple – Lent 2014

Lent 2014 | Hanna's Places

Today marks the first day of lent.
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How We Do – Spring Cleaning

How We Do Spring Cleaning | Hanna's Places

Good morning, everybody! Today it’s time for the third installment of How We Do (already!). Trina and I love writing this column every month and we can’t wait to read all of your stories as you publish them. Today let’s talk about Spring Cleaning!

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How We Do – A Perfect Day in December


Today is an exciting day on this blog: It’s the day I can finally share a column I’ve been looking forward to for months now!
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Wishing you a great first advent

Hanna's Places | Happy 1. Advent | Picture by Helena LaPetite

Happy First Advent everybody!
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A Bright Idea – Liter of Light

A Bright Idea - Liter of Light | Hanna's Places

The other day I came across this great and still so easy idea, that has completely blown away my mind: Liter of Light.
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