A dream of living in the country

Dream of living in the country

Sometimes, especially around this time of year, I dream of living in the country.
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Dear Diary: I want to be a writer

hannas-places-writerI always have. Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed about being an author or journalist one day.
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Weekend Conversations Vol. 4


Happy Friday guys! And boy oh boy, do I need it!
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What is your favourite way to spend Friday night?


Hi guys – how have you all been? I have just returned from my little roadtrip yesterday and it was an all around perfect adventure.
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Weekend Conversations Vol. 2


Happy Friday everybody!
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Weekend Conversation Vol. 1

Friday Conversations Vol.1

TGIF, everybody! How has your past week been?
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5 thoughts about life in Scotland (so far)

Thoughts about living in Scotland so far

Time is flying by (as always) and I’ve already been in Scotland for more than ten days!
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Strawberries, painting, spring-time: A happy list


Good morning everybody! How are you all doing?
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Now and Then: A walk down memory lane

Now & Then | Hanna's Places

A little while ago, I was tagged by Kevin (and Trina) to play along in the Now & Then game.
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What I am thankful for right now

Practising Thankfulness

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, but nevertheless I think that just sitting down for a moment and counting your blessings is so important everyday.
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