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I know we technically have a week of November left, but somehow I’m already really in the Christmas spirit, so I don’t really feel like November and autumn anymore (I know we say that every year – but can you believe it’s almost 2014?). I haven’t really been blogging much in the last few weeks (although I still love it), there’s just been a lot of other great things going on in ‘real’ life. Since I love lists, here’s a little of what’s life been like lately, inspired by Freya: (more…)

A Bright Idea – Liter of Light

A Bright Idea - Liter of Light | Hanna's Places

The other day I came across this great and still so easy idea, that has completely blown away my mind: Liter of Light. Have you ever heard of it? It’s a global project started by the Shelter Foundation in the Phillipines that wants to help underprivileged households to a sustainable source of light.

You only have to fill a 1,5 L bottle with purified water and bleach and install it onto the roof of a house (or rather – a corrugated-iron hut). When the sunlight hits the bottle during the daytime, the water reflects it and has the same intensity as a 55 Watt light bulb. These bottles only cost 65 cents and can last up to ten years. This way the poorest of the poor can save money on electricity (if they ever had electricity) and actually have light inside their huts. They can now work inside, the children can do their homework, everything with one small bottle.

Learn more about Liter of Light (more…)

Jennifer’s Carrot and Fried Tofu Salad


Today I’m happy to welcome Jennifer with yet another delicious looking recipe to the blog.

The other day I told you that I loved carrots in every variation possible, but I never had something resembling this salad before. I definitely want and need to change that, because this dish looks absolutely amazing! I can imagine preparing a large bowl of salad and bringing it to a fun evening with friends (or maybe as a side dish for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner?). Click through for the recipe, and tell me what you think if you tried it!

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Super/Food – Carrots

This week’s super food is also one of my favourite vegetables ever – the carrot. I don’t care if they are raw,  mashed or made into a delicious soup, there are so many great ways to enjoy these yummy turnips. I remember coming home from a long school day as a child, visitng my grandma and having some delicious boiled carrots with potatoes. I’ve even been told that it was my very favourite meal as a little girl – not cake, pizza or pasta (although I’m not sure if I really believe that one). Long story short – I love carrots! And they are super-healthy, too…

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The Little Things – Sunday Evenings

Did you all have a fun weekend? Mine was packed with fun activities with friends and family – shopping to find a dress for a gala I’m attending on Friday (this one!), a night out dancing and a first time visit in my new flat from my family. It was definitely a weekend I was looking forward to for a long time.

Right now, I’m ‘relaxing’ from all those fun activities, catching up on some blog reading and listening to new favourite music (I’m really into Bear’s Den at the moment). Sitting here, content like that, made me think that Sunday evenings are a part of our week that often get neglected and definitely not appreciated enough.

Appreciating Sunday Evenings (more…)

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