Empowering makers around the world with Maykher

5 questions with Maykher

Today I am very happy to introduce Maykher to you! It’s a beautiful fair fashion label from England that has been born out of a Crowdfunder not even a year ago. Maykher has vowed to promote makers, instead of machines and thus save some beautiful old techniques. I really love their wonderful clutches, bags and scarves. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift or a little treat for yourself, check out their store!

Heidi from Maykher has kindly agreed to answer a few question about the label and their ideas about slow fashion for us. Enjoy the interview, I definitely loved her answers!

Tell us more about Maykher and the idea behind it!

The idea of Maykher came about as I wanted to find a way to tackle some international social issues that I felt passionate about. I have always been aware and troubled by the negative treatment of women/girls around the world. Opportunities for many women and girls are so limited and their value disregarded purely based on their sex. It’s a travesty for womankind in any time period, but especially in 2017!

I wanted to do something but I had no idea what or how. I had no formal experience in foreign aid, international affairs or social care but I knew fashion well! Therefore I used my knowledge in the industry as my tool for good. (more…)

Slowing fashion down with Kleiderrebell

An interview with Kleiderrebell

If only you could borrow clothes instead of buying new every time…that’s what Laura thought one day, desperate about her full closet and not enough clothes she actually liked. Half a year later, Kleiderrebell was born, an online store where you can borrow clothes as long as you like them. As soon as you’re fed up with wearing them, you give them back :)

I’ve talked to Laura about the story of Kleiderrebell – and how we can all make a change by consuming slower (ps: I borrowed some clothes from Kleiderrebell too – you can see the post here!)

Where do you put the line between slow and fast fashion?

Slow and fast fashion are different in a number of ways. Firstly there’s the working conditions of the garment workers. Are they getting paid fairly? Is their workload doable? Are the factory owners observing the laws? That’s the side of the producers. On the other side there’s us, the consumers. We are responsible to consider the difference between slow and fast fashion. Where do I buy my clothes? Am I willing to pay more than 20 Euro for a t-shirt? Do I really have to buy a new garment every week? Is secondhand a possibility for me as well? If I ask myself these questions, I’ll get a lot closer to a slower way of life.

When did you become interested in sustainable fashion?

I think I first thought about it about 8 years ago. As a part of my fashion degree I was able to go to Dhaka in Bangladesh and glimpse behind the scenes of the fashion industry. It was such a different experience to be in a country, that produced most of our clothes – especially back in 2009 when hardly anyone was talking about fair fashion. We only went to ‚good‘ factories without child labour or 16-hour days. Still, you could see the stark poverty out in the trees. And of course we saw the kind of factories that you might know from TV – the ones where you just know, somethings not right. (more…)

Where to buy fair fashion in London

The full London fair shopping guide

As a ‘fair shopper’, going on holiday naturally means that I won’t head into high street shops just because I’m abroad. Gladly, there’s more and more fair fashion boutiques and vintage stores popping up all over the world. On my last trip to London, I got lucky at a charity shop and actually only brought back secondhand souvenirs. If you’re planning a trip to London soon, here are my favourite London fair fashion shops you need to visit. There’s probably tons more, so tell me in the comments if you’ve got more tips for me!

London fair shopping boutiques

One of the (small) disadvantages of ethical shopping is that you mostly have to order online. There just aren’t a lot of fair fashion labels on the high street! Gladly, there are more and more ethical boutiques popping up – and of course there’s a few cute  London fair shopping boutiques as well.

The Keep 

The Keep is a beautiful little boutique in Brixton Village. It’s a really cute store and they stock all kinds of different fair fashion brands from People Tree to Armed Angels and Beaumont Organic. If you only want to get something small, they also stock beauty products and accessories. Little tip: After browsing The Keep you can go to the other lovely stores in Brixton village or go for a coffee just round the corner! (more…)

Culotte in Chinatown

Wearing my culotte in Chinatown - Outfit Post

Hey Culotte

While in London last month, I met up with old and new friends alike. We walked all over town, had some coffee and of course I grabbed the chance to take some outfit pictures. I found this culotte at a vintage store in Leiden, one of a few great purchases I made there. To be honest, culotte trousers are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I usually don’t venture far from my trusted skinny jeans or skirts. Anything that’s midi or well, a culotte, hasn’t made it’s way into my closet yet.

Wearing my culotte in Chinatown - Outfit Post

After seeing enough cool people wearing them and always liking it, that needed to change. This summer I have resolved to be a bit more adventureous in my shopping habits. I started with getting a wide-legged pair of trousers. It definitely helped that these are second hand. They were so much more affordable and I had to get them right that minute, so no turning back there. (more…)

My 5 favourite slow fashion books

5 (unexpected) slow fashion books you should read now

Two relaxing things I really love: Fashion and books. So, especially in the summer time, what better way to wind down than reading about fashion and style? Summer has only just begun, but I am definitely planning on spending quite a few afternoons on a blanket in the park, reading my favourite slow fashion books. If you’re curious, I put together some of my all-time favourites. Some might surprise you on a list about slow fashion, but for me, learning more about your style is a vital part of slow fashion as well. Happy reading!

Slow fashion books to add to your reading list

+ Love x Style x Life: I have just finished Garance Doré’s lovely book (it actually prompted this post) and I loved it! I am aware that Doré doesn’t concern herself with ethical fashion, at least not to my knowledge. Nevertheless, she talks about a few of the most important principles of slow fashion: Buy the clothes you feel great in, not all the newest trends. Buy good quality. Know your colours and your style and you won’t need to buy new all the time. Fashion can’t help you if you don’t feel great in your own skin. These are just a few examples, but there’s so much more wisdom in Love x Style x Life.

On top of all her style advice, as a blogger, I loved reading about Doré’s journey to where she is now. She tells us more about her life between Paris and New York, body image issues, Fashion Week…as a fashion lover, it’s delightful. And also just a really beautiful book – don’t you dare and read the e-book! It’s light reading, so perfect for an afternoon on the balcony, with an iced tea on hand. (more…)

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