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Coffee and Let's Explore Magazine | Hanna's Places

This week has officially been my last week as a full time student – on Monday I finally start my new (first!) job and I’m really excited! I’ve been working at the company for two years as a student now, which makes it quite interesting on how the transition is going to be. We’ll see! Today is also my mom’s birthday so I’m back home for the weekend. Three days of family and a little celebrating, it’s going to be a good one :) Here’s what else has been going on this week:

Links & Memories

1 | First of all, I (finally) set up a Facebook page for this blog this week. It would be really cool if you could head over and click the ‘Like’-Button really quickly (only if you’d like to of course :). Thanks a lot!

2 | Since I’m starting to work full time next week, I’ve tried to get as much of my thesis done as possible and I might actually be able to finish it this weekend! Lots of coffee and then we’ll see ;)

3 | Writing my thesis also means there’s a lot of browsing the internet and procrastination (ha!). On one of those trips down the internet rabbit hole I found The Sept, a really beautiful fair fashion label from Munich. Take a look!

4 | A great read on A Girl Named Leney: Practice Courage.

5 | The girls from A Beautiful Mess published a really amazing Wall Hanging DIY this week that I might actually try for my own bedroom. To be honest I hardly ever try DIYs myself (or finish them ;) but this one really fits into my new flat. Do you follow through on projects like these?

6 | Now to you guys: I would like to get a little bit more of a conversation going on this blog – I love chatting with you! Any ideas or topics you would like to talk about?


Palms in Kew Gardens

Fair Fashion Outfit: Palms in Kew Gardens

On my second day in London, we decided to head out to Kew Gardens to do a little fair fashion outfit shoot. I had never been before and it was the perfect backdrop for what we intended (yes, I’m wearing a palm top on purpose ;) I must admit, I always feel slightly awkward in front of the camera, but people have seen stranger things in London, right? I’m actually planning on sharing more sustainable outfits in the future, so I guess I should just get over myself!
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6 podcasts for mindful living

Podcasts for Mindful Living

I listen to a TON of podcasts every day. Whether it’s while I’m cooking, cleaning or jogging outside – there is always playing something in the background. In my opinion, they can help you learn new things and just relax without you being glued to a screen. Since I really enjoy finding new ones to listen to, here’s some of my favourites:

Creative/Business Podcasts

Make it Happen: The motto of this podcast is: A podcast for curious, big-hearted, purpose-driven creatives. And that’s exactly what it is – Jen talks about truly interesting topics for creative business owners or bloggers. She tackles issues like finances, being an introvert or mastering Instagram. A big favourite.

+ Elise Gets Crafty: Elise has been a ‘personality’ in the creative business and blogging world for years, but for some reasons I never followed her anywhere. Until I found this podcast. Now I’m obsessed: it’s funny and relatable and Elise talks about a topic I love every single week. My favourites: How to start the year with intent, pursuing creative dreams and when it’s time to just go for it.

Sidehustle School: Sidehustle School is a daily podcast teaching you all about buildig a successful and sustainable side hustle. Chris talks about finding your passion, leaving out the unnecessary and gives you so many great tips. Each episode is only about ten minutes long, so I love listening to it while making coffee in the morning.

Lifestyle Podcasts

Curious Minds: I LOVE this podcast. Seriously. The topics are so interesting and different and the interviewees super-knowledgable – it’s the perfect mix. Topics range from ‘How we learn to eat’ to ‘Designing cities that fuel innovation’. As I said, a great podcast.

Happier:  This is a fun podcast to listen to on the road – filled with loads of little anecdotes and tips. It’s created by Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elisabeth Craft and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to change a few small habits in their every day life. They have one idea to ‘try at home’ every week and I’m always trying to join in. You should too!

+ TED Radio Hour: TED Radio Hour are TED talks adapted for radio. I really love listening to TED talks, but rarely find the time to do so. This is fun way to get to know great new ideas. Each episode features a few different talks on one topic – my favourite lately has been on building better cities for example – and you can learn so much about topics you normally wouldn’t think about.

+ Burnt Toast: Another “trivia” podcast that’s just plain fun to listen to. It’s edited by Food52 and naturally about food topics. It’s not the usual health and fitness info though, but interviews with famous cooks or plain fun facts. The last episode I listened to talked about how sound changes the way we taste. If you’re a foodie, this one is absolutely for you.

Spiritual Podcasts

HTB Sunday Services:  I went to HTB church while I lived in London and I definitely miss the amazing services. Thankfully there’s always podcasts – and this one provides an inspirational half hour for your everyday life. My favourite: The ladder of hope.

Reality LA podcast: Funnily enough, I found this podcast and the church through instagram! Someone recommended the latest service, I think. I listened – and subscribed immediately. They are doing a teaching series on Ephesians at the moment and it’s so insightful every time.

That’s it for now – what are your favourite podcasts? Any great new discoveries?

Picture via Stocksnap.


Links & Memories 16/52

Houses in London Hanna's Places Week That Was

This week felt like Spring, don’t you think? It was almost warm enough to leave my jacket at home, though I wouldn’t dare yet. I arrived back home in Germany on Wednesday (I spend a long weekend in London) and have spend the past two days back home in Bonn. Today I’m getting some admin stuff done, tomorrow is full and lovely with breakfast with my old flat mate, a city tour and a birthday party and on Sunday I’m visiting a new church in Bonn for the first time!

Links & Memories of the week

1 | Coming home from London I feel so incredibly relaxed and inspired – ready to start new projects or rather get back into those I have already started. I have so many new ideas and feel quite happy – now I just need to keep this feeling going for some time. Any tips on that?

2 | On that note, I’m finally getting back into Instagram and really love it right now! It’s such a great plattform, way too often I’m just afraid that what I’m sharing isn’t pretty or professional enough. Screw that for now, I’m having fun posting! Feel free to follow along if you want to (and please share your account as well!).

3 | I’ve just tried a salad bowl for lunch and it was super yum! Do any of you guys have a favourite recipe?

4 | I’ve been wearing the same Spring coat for ages now (I was definitely still in school back then) and I really want to get a new one. This coat from Armed Angels is super pretty.

5 | A really great read: 5 Things Every Millenial Woman Wants (and how to get them). And yes, this is (slightly) different than all those other articles with a similar title!

6 | Soko makes beautiful jewellery and they empower women too. Can my bank account please magically fill up with money to get all the pretty things?

7 | I bought a succulent in Kew Gardens last week (my first house plant in ages) and now I’m scared that I’ll kill it by next week since I’m so bad with plants. Here’s a great little guide that I’ll try to follow though, for all fellow black thumb gals out there.

8 | And last but not least: it’s Earth Day today! This is a blog that’s about living more green, so I won’t have to mention that it’s important to me, so feel free to get inspired in the archives to live a little more green!

Hope you guys all have a great weekend! I will take it slow tonight (just some Netflix and me) to get ready for a few stressfull weeks ahead. What about you?

Travel Diary: A long weekend in London

A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places

London baby! I have just arrived back home from a long weekend in my favourite city and it was such a great time. After two hard months of too many things on my to do list, winter blues and generally feeling uninspired, this city and it’s liveliness was just the right medicine to get some energy and excitement about life back. Here’s what we’ve been up to, in case you’re planning a London trip in the near future as well:

Eat & Drink (mostly coffee shops)

A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places

DF Mexico | This was a lunch break favourite back when I was living in London and it’s still one of my favourite places to get Mexican food. It’s a beautiful location (lots of instagram opportunities ;), the waiters are friendly, the food is great and the prices are okay. If you’re near Spitalfields, check it out!

Kahaila | This is probably one of my three favourite cafés in London, so I can’t come to the city and not visit Kahaila. The cakes taste as great as they look, the atmosphere is great, there’s free wifi – and did I mention that everything goes to charity and supports women in need? Perfect all around.

Soho Grind | I know everyone loves the Grind locations all over London and the London bridge location is quite nice, I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t too impressed by this one though. It was slightly dirty, the barista forgot about my order twice…with so many great coffee shops all over London, I probably wouldn’t visit a second time.

The Natural Kitchen | I wandered in the location on Marylebone Street by chance and really loved it here. I think it’s a deli/coffee shop/restaurant/shop and quite big, but the atmosphere is still really nice. I had a great coffee and falafel wrap, the people working there were super friendly – I loved it.

Bill’s | I know this is a chain restaurant (though I’m not sure if they just have a few restaurants all over London or all of the UK?), but either way it’s really cosy and a great place to have a nice dinner with friends without spending tons of money. The vegetarian options are quite limited, but the desser menu is great and their cocktails too!

Boulangerie Bon Matin | This is a great café near Finsbury Park. We had massive Eggs Florentine there and it had a really great neighbourhood feel.

The Orangery | We wanted to go for a nice fancy Afternoon Tea on Saturday and since the Orangery at Kensington Palace keeps popping up on every list we decided to give it a go. I was slightly disappointed to be honest – it felt really rushed and touristy (yes, it is a total tourist spot but still), and for the price didn’t taste especially fresh. It is a beautiful location though, so maybe you just need to go during the week?

Tart | This is the cutest café in Clapham and a super nice place all in all, the cakes looked great too though I didn’t try them.

Monmouth Coffee | Let’s just say, this is a cult favourite for a reason. I bought some espresso beans to prepare at home and I’m really happy about that. There’s no free wifi though (at least at the Borough Market branch).

Timberyard | I visited for the first time and loved it too, a very cool space and great atmosphere to get some work done (if you don’t need to concentrate too much). It’s quite expensive though, even for London.

Pattern Coffee | This one is close to Kings Cross and another new favourite. Great atmosphere, great coffee, what else would you want?


A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places

Books | Foyles on Charing Cross Road (so many books! And a great selection of coffee table books), Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street (beautiful and old), Waterstone’s on Picadilly (yeah it’s Waterstone’s, but it’s still one of my favourite book stores), Brick Lane Bookstore (small, but great selection).

Design | The Conran Shop on Marylebone High Street (big love), Aram Store (near Covent Garden, I wandered in by chance and loved it).

Beautiful tid bits | Luna & Curious (and all other stores around Redchurch Street), AIDA on Shoreditch High Street, Anthropologie (again, I know it’s an American chain store, but I just really like it!) – and probably hundreds of other small stores I just walked by.

Things to do

A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places

Undressed at the V&A | An exhibition about underwear that just started at the V&A and that is totally worth a visit. We stayed for almost three hours! It’s both beautiful and interesting and even makes you a little sad because the female body image seems to have been messed up for hundreds of years.

Kew Gardens | We had a little fashion photo shoot (hehe) at the greenhouse and it is such a beautiful location for that, we had tons of fun. I think the rest of the garden is more interesting in late spring/summer though.

National Portrait Gallery | One of my favourite London museums, so I always stop by for a little visit. We went to see 100 years of Vogue, which was inspiring and interesting as well (yes, trends really do always come back).

Walk along the South Bank | If you want to see the London sights but not be in the middle of all the action, take a walk along South Bank. I always start walking in Vauxhall/Albert Embankment and you get a really nice view of Westminster from there. It gets unpleasant for a short moment walking past the London Eye, but just keep walking and you’ll see Somerset House, Tate Modern (worth a visit too), St. Pauls, Shakespeare’s Globe and finally Borough Market (where you can treat yourself with a little something after a walk like that).

Things to remember for my next trip

A long weekend in London: My favourite places to eat, drink and hang out | Hanna's Places

  • It’s expensive here – don’t worry too much about money and just enjoy your time
  • Rain jacket always (how could I forget?)
  • Only bring comfortable shoes, there’s too much walking for anything else,
  • People don’t care what you do, take the tourist pictures if you want to
  • Plasters!
  • And more cardigans
  • Bring accessories and your favourite outfits. You’re surrounded by fashionable people, so it’s worth it

That’s it! I seriously had such an amazing trip (and so much coffee) and can’t wait to be back asap.

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