Raspberry Milk for Summer

The Best Raspberry Shake Recipe
Oh, raspberry milk, how I love you. Every year once summer comes around I get an unsatiable appetite for milkshakes in every variation. Just imagine this: It’s summer and it’s hot outside. It is so warm that even the thought of eating a proper meal just feels wrong. It’s the weekend, so you have the whole day to yourself with nowhere to be and nothing to do. You sit outside in the hammock with a good book and relaxed music playing. Can it get even more perfect? Well, there’s only one thing missing: A refreshing raspberry milk shake in your hand!

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a refreshing raspberry milk shake. I have tried and tested this recipe over many many summers, failed a couple of times, but almost always loved the outcome. With or without banana (without banana the drink is definitely more refreshing), with honey or powdered sugar, with lemon juice or lime juice – I have tried everything. This recipe here is probably not the last version of my favourite summer drink, but it’s definitely the best I have found so far.

Refreshing Raspberry Milk for Summer

Serves 2 to 4.

500 millilitres Milk
1 dash Vanilla or Cinnamon (or both!)
150 grams Quark/Curd (or yoghurt)
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
250 grams Frozen Raspberry’s
1 tablespoon sugar

Since this is a shake, there aren’t too many instructions! Just add everything to your mixer and enjoy. This is a really thick milkshake, so if you prefer it a little bit more ‘drinkable’, just add more milk or water.

PS: If you’re looking for even more great summer recipes, head on over to my Pinterest. I pinned tons more dessert recipes over there, if you’re interested!

Do you have a favourite raspberry milk shake recipe? Or just a great milkshake you could drink every year? Link your recipe in the comments, I would love to try it!


Fair Fashion Outfit: A Day in the City

Simple is best

When it comes to fashion, I love versatile basics. Monochrome colours, a minimalistic cut and maybe a fun accessory and you’ve got my dream outfit. Of course, I love beautiful dresses and eccentric shoes as well, just not as everyday staples and definitely not while exploring the city. These pictures are from my trip to London back in April and the outfit was absolutely perfect for a day of walking, going to the museum and Britain’s ever changing weather :) Take me back now, please?
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Just do it! An interview with LJ Originals

Interview with LJ Originals | Hanna's Places

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Lisa, the creator behind jewellery brand LJ Originals. She is a great friend of mine, really creative and her jewellery (and the idea behind it) is just stunning. She took the leap and followed her dream and founded her own brand last year. Now she’s telling us more about it and her beautiful vision about it:

What was your vision behind founding LJ Originals?

My vision behind founding LJ was to create a brand that utilised my skills as a jeweller as a platform I could use to share a culture of value and worth. I heard once that a girl is told 268 times before she is 12 that she is not good enough and, while the accuracy of that statistic could be debated, it sparked something in me to do whatever I could to make the statistic as small as possible. Every person is valuable and I may not be the biggest voice but I have a responsibility to at least be a voice against the other noise that women hear berating them every day.
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Links & Memories 20/52

Links and Memories | Hanna's Places

Happy weekend folks! Another week is over and it’s almost June, how did that happen? I’m back in Düsseldorf for the weekend for a seminar at university and pizza night with my old flatmate (of course!) and can’t wait to catch up with her. Here’s what else has happened and caught my eye lately…

Links & Memories

1 | First of all, working full-time is hard! This might sound naïve, but I was still surprised by how little free time you have and how tired you actually are in the evening. I already had more nights when I just crashed in front of the TV instead of doing something fun or productive which didn’t even leave me more energized the next day. Any tips from fellow full-time workers?

2 | I did go out this week though – my colleagues and I headed to a great pub just around the corner from my house (where I can imagine spending a few nice summer nights!). It’s so much fun getting to know your area and this new city I live in and I can’t wait to go out more!

3 | On my TV nights I also started watching the Good Wife again and it’s so much fun. I’ve struggled to find a great and interesting TV show for some time now (if you can call that a ‘struggle’) and this one is really good. Recommended!

4 | I’m following about half of these already and I’m working on the rest: 15 Beauty Rituals to make part of your daily routine.

5 | Something that I should definitely make a bigger part of my routine (because I don’t do it at all ;): Lessons on caring for your jewellery.

That’s it for now – happy (and hopefully relaxing) weekend folks!

Picture via Stocksnap.

My Ethical Summer Wishlist

My ethical summer wish list | Hanna's Places

Summer is approaching! The time of days (and nights) spend outside, barbecues, sunshine and adventures abroad is finally back :) I feel like the fair fashion collections are especially great this year. I followed my new rule of waiting 30 days before buying anything, and these items are the ones that made the cut. I put them on the ethical summer wish list for my birthday – the upside of being born in July!

My ethical summer wish list

A striped maxi dress: This year is the year that I will finally start wearing maxi dresses. I know, they have been on trend for a few years, but I’ve never dared wearing one. I really like the relaxed striped ones, perfect with a jean jacket and sandals.

Mom Jeans: Another trend that I finally want to try (bye bye skinny jeans). Also, summer in Germany is never actually that hot, so jeans like this are must (sadly).

Relaxed trousers: This is a really pretty look if it’s really hot but you don’t want to show to much skin. Great for the office as well!

Some sandals: Every year I can’t decide: Black or nude sandals? I think I’ll just get both ;)

A casual black dress: I actually already bought this one. You don’t need much else on a really hot day! Dress it up with espandrillos and a blazer or go casual with sandals and a straw hat.

New sunglasses: I never used to care so much about getting quality sunglasses. This year I’m going to get some proper ones though. These ones from Toms are really pretty and they are made from recycled materials!

A fancy jumpsuit: I’ve had a pretty jumpsuit for a few years now, but I feel like I need another one. This one is really pretty and I love the open back.

Hoop earrings: They are finally back this year and I love it!

Time to fill my closet again!



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