Lollo Rosso with Mushrooms and Tomatoes


Finally, summer is starting to banish this long and dreary winter (it’s June, after all!). As the temperatures are rising, so is my appetite for a fresh salad. To be honest, I have never been an enthusiastic salad eater, because it has never felt like a real meal to me. However, it has grown on me. And of course, it’s really healthy and good for you (and if you throw in a bun, it’s also satisfying, trust me). Lollo Rosso is one of my favourite variations, because it tastes good and it also looks nice. Somehow, that’s also important. And I’m the biggest lover of tomatoes and mushrooms, so they have to go in, of course. If you want to be extra-fancy, some fresh Parmesan is a great addition as well. Sadly, lots of people thought that, so it was sold out at the grocery store. Next time!

Find the recipe for an easy dressing after the jump.

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Everlasting Apparel – Kyla is Inspired

Kyla is Inspired for Everlasting Apparel
It’s Thursday, so it’s time for a new edition of Everlasting Apparel. It’s so much fun seeing which items people have loved for a long time. Today Kyla has been so nice to contribute something and she doesn’t only have one, but three staples she couldn’t live without. Thanks for sharing it with us, Kyla!

Tell us about yourself & Kyla Is Inspired!

Hi everyone, I’m Kyla, from Kyla Is Inspired. I blog about design, illustration, and fashion. When Hanna approached me about Everlasting Apparel, I knew I had to participate. I normally only share outfits with really unique pieces, but the reality is, I wear a lot of the same clothes!

Kyla is Inspired for Everlasting Apparel Kyla is Inspired for Everlasting Apparel

What’s your everlasting piece?

One of my favorite items in my wardrobe are these thrifted suede boots. I got them about 4 years ago and wear them at least once a week (the only exception being when it’s super hot out).

And the blazer? Such a staple. Like the boots, I probably wear this at least three times a week. Everyone should have a classic blazer – at least for me, it instantly takes a casual outfit into something more sophisticated.

I also had to include this Threadless shirt that I got five years ago. I own about 30 Threadless shirts, but this one is my absolute favorite. During high school, I related to the subject of the shirt: girl likes someone, they have no idea. I always wear it! That’s my favorite part of wearing clothes I’ve owned for years: feeling nostalgic :)

Thank you Kyla/Kyla Is Inspired for the pictures.

About Everlasting Apparel

We live in a world where we don’t really keep old clothes, we buy new ones. For me, that’s not what sustainable living is about. For this fashion feature I ask bloggers and creatives to show us one of their favourite pieces of clothing. Something they have loved wearing for years. Not fast trends, but something you can wear a lifetime and always feel good in. Those are the pieces that we need to start looking for in our closets. Go here for more Everlasting Apparel pieces.

Kyla is Inspired for Everlasting Apparel

The Little Things – For The Love of Food

And another food post this week – I made scones on the weekend for the first time. I really love baking, which I guess is partly because I love eating what I’ve created, and also because I’m a sweet person (so I slightly prefer baking over cooking).

appreciate homemade scones

The downside is that you can’t constantly be eating sweet stuff like cake, muffins, waffles, scones, etc. I would love to, though.

If you decide to make scones sometime eat them straight out of the oven while they’re still warm. I love them with cream and strawberries (or strawberry jam) – the traditional way -, or with Nutella and cream (see photo). Sounds pretty healthy, huh?  ;)

appreciate homemade scones
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Latrina Travels – A New Column

Hi! I’m Latrina, a blogger + photographer from Northern California. I absolutely love the outdoors so when Hanna approached me with the idea of having a travel column on her blog, I quickly jumped at the chance! If there’s anything to know about me is that I love exploring… and if I ever have the opportunity to share my stories all while convincing others to get out and do the same, I am a happy girl.
go explore // hanna's places
Immediately upon receiving Hanna’s email my brain went into overdrive with ideas. But I think the best place to begin this column is by defining what travel means and why it’s important. Some may think it means breaking the bank by spending a week in Hawaii but I’m here to tell you that is not the case! Travel simply means to take a journey. Whether that journey is across the globe or to your neighborhood park, I want you to make the best of it. Because, to me, exploring is when your heart is the happiest.
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I opened an Etsy Shop – Hanna Ulala

EDIT: The Etsy shop is no longer active. If you are interested in one of the products though, I would still love to create one for you! Just send me a mail ( for more details.

Remember how I said in this post, that I dreamed about opening an Etsy shop?

This weekend I did it! Let me introduce you to Hanna Ulala! I think I have been dreaming about having my own small Etsy shop for more than five years now. Some time last winter I went shopping and a woman asked me where I had bought the scarf I was wearing. It was actually a scarf that I had knit myself and this question made me remember my old dream and turn it into a definite plan to turn more energy into the project. When I started telling people about my idea I got so much support, so many questions and suggestions that the whole process felt like a breeze. Now it’s up with the first products and I’ve been feeling giddy all weekend long. I can’t even write properly, I’m so happy! I’ve got many more ideas in my head (stay tuned!), but here are the first products you can buy:

Lace Pencilcase by Hanna Ulala  
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