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Chalk White Arrow for Everlasting ApparelChalk White Arrow for Everlasting ApparelToday I am so happy to welcome another wonderful blogger to Everlasting Apparel, Sara from Chalk White Arrow. She has killer style (as you can see in the pictures below). On top of that, if you visit her blog you can see that her home is absolutely beautiful. I would move in immediately! Her blog is my favourite read on a rainy day or on a relaxed Saturday morning, so you should definitely give it a read! As for this post, I really need to find my own Coach purse! Keep on reading to find out more about the story behind Sara’s purse.

Tell us more about your everlasting piece!

The piece I chose for my Everlasting Apparel feature is my vintage Coach purse. I know it’s not exactly a piece of clothing but it was a no brainer as it has followed me everywhere for the past few years. It feels classic and goes with everything but still has a rustic feel to it at the same time. I purchased it on an online vintage store not knowing at the time just how much I would love it but it has become my number one staple within my wardrobe.

All pictures kindly taken by Sara/Chalk White Arrow.

About Everlasting Apparel

We live in a world where we don’t really keep old clothes, we buy new ones. For me, that’s not what sustainable living is about. For this fashion feature I ask bloggers and creatives to show us one of their favourite pieces of clothing. Something they have loved wearing for years. Not fast trends, but something you can wear a lifetime and always feel good in. Those are the pieces that we need to start looking for in our closets. Go here for more Everlasting Apparel pieces.

Chalk White Arrow for Everlasting Apparel Chalk White Arrow for Everlasting Apparel


Travel Diary: A day in London

I love travelling, I love Britain, I love London. You can imagine, this past holiday has been one of my favourite trips ever (although it’s true that I say that everytime..). I’m already itching to go back and London is actually a place I could imagine moving one day.  Maybe not forever, but about half a year is definitely on the bucket list! I’m slowly going through all of the photos my father and I took, so you can expect tons of travel posts in the next few weeks!

DSCF1415 Columbia Road
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Living Simple – Disconnecting

Happy Monday everybody! You might not have noticed, but in the last few weeks/months, I have massively reduced the amount of time I spend online. I really love blogging and the whole community around it, but in the last few months, I have really had the desire to just put the computer away and spend my time with ‘real’ activities – having fun with my friends and family, reading, cooking, baking, crafting (everything Helena talked about in her last post!). Somehow, there are so many people struggling with the question of balancing their time spend online, so I just thought I would share the few ‘guidelines’ I have been trying to follow these last few months:

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Everlasting Apparel – Nishaantishu

Nishaantishu for Everlasting Apparel

This week for Everlasting Apparel I am so happy to introduce Freya from the blog Nishaantishu. She’s one of my favourite bloggers and all in all a really cool lady. Her blog is about finding the beauty in little things in life and just enjoying the things we have. It’s always an uplifting read after a long and hard day. You should definitely visit as soon as possible!

Freya from Nishaantishu and her faithful jeans

Nishaantishu: These jeans have been the most faithful item of clothing I have ever owned. I came across them on my last night in Hong Kong. I had been spending my summer there with my Dad and I was heading back to university in England. They were a complete impulse buy from some boutique shop in Mid-Levels. I had shoppers remorse the next day because jeans aren’t really something I buy on impulse. The fit needs be quite specific because I’m pretty short. They have been in the “toss out” pile on more than one occasion, but they are from paper denim & cloth, so they weren’t cheap and I just couldn’t justify giving them away.
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The Little Things – Creating

As creatives we were made to create – although it might seem so obvious I just wanted to put that out there again.

Appreciating Creating by Helena La Petite
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