A beginners guide to sustainable tourism

Tipps und Tricks zum Nachhaltigen Reisen

You know that I love to travel. There are so many beautiful places I yet want to discover and so many countries I want to visit. I recently traveled to Mexico and was really happy to meet new people, eat exciting foods and see more of the country. In preparation for my trip, I didn’t only pack my suitcase, I also read up on sustainable tourism.

If you’re trying to live a sustainable life, those aims shouldn’t end when you’re on holiday. Take care of the country you’re visiting and the people living there. It’s natural, in my opinion: If I try to buy fairly produced items that don’t exploit others or harm the environment while I’m at home, why would I travel in a way that does exactly that?

Of course, when it comes to sustainable tourism, the power for big change lies with travel businesses and hoteliers. Still, we as travelers can achieve more than we think. If we guide our decisions by the people whose country we’re visiting and their needs, we can take a big step towards a better tourism industry. As with all big topics, it starts with small beginnings. These are the basic steps, everyone should follow on their trips.

Go by train instead of flying

The other day, I read a really interesting article (in German) on trying to fly less regularly. To me, it illustrated once more how bad flying is for the environment and that we should probably stop flying. To be honest, I struggle with that. I know that you can live as sustainably as you want to – flying kind of cancels all of that out. I already take the train whenever possible, but I also love to explore the world and seeing countries like Mexico and Uganda.

So for next year, I will try to take less trips to faraway places and more local train journeys. Germany is beautiful, after all. If I do go on a plane journey, I will stay for at least a couple of weeks, so it was truly worth it. Brot für die Welt set a great rule of thumb I will try to follow: If you’re flying less than 2.000 kilometres away, stay for about 8 days. If it’s farther, try to stay at least 14 days. Don’t fly on any shorter trips (take the train instead).

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A summer trip to the Isle of Jersey

A relaxing trip to the Isle of Jersey

This summer, I took one of the most relaxing and beautiful trips of my life. I went to the Isle of Jersey. Where to exactly?, you might ask – at least, most of my friends asked. Well, the Isle of Jersey is a tiny (8 km x 14 km) British island just off the French coast. It’s near the gulf stream, so the weather is mostly fine and it’s perfect to just enjoy the quiet and relax. I truly loved it.

This is a very picture-heavy post, and there are still many more pictures I would have loved to share with you! Jersey is simply stunning. At the end of this post, you will probably want to travel there yourself, believe me ;)
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Where to buy fair fashion in London

The full London fair shopping guide

As a ‚fair shopper‘, going on holiday naturally means that I won’t head into high street shops just because I’m abroad. Gladly, there’s more and more fair fashion boutiques and vintage stores popping up all over the world. On my last trip to London, I got lucky at a charity shop and actually only brought back secondhand souvenirs. If you’re planning a trip to London soon, here are my favourite London fair fashion shops you need to visit. There’s probably tons more, so tell me in the comments if you’ve got more tips for me!

London fair shopping boutiques

One of the (small) disadvantages of ethical shopping is that you mostly have to order online. There just aren’t a lot of fair fashion labels on the high street! Gladly, there are more and more ethical boutiques popping up – and of course there’s a few cute  London fair shopping boutiques as well.

The Keep 

The Keep is a beautiful little boutique in Brixton Village. It’s a really cute store and they stock all kinds of different fair fashion brands from People Tree to Armed Angels and Beaumont Organic. If you only want to get something small, they also stock beauty products and accessories. Little tip: After browsing The Keep you can go to the other lovely stores in Brixton village or go for a coffee just round the corner!
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10 London coffee shops you need to visit

10 London coffee shops you must visit

London and coffee, the perfect team. You probably know already: After living in London two years ago, it is one of my favourite cities in the world. The people, the streets, the restaurants, I love it all. And of course, the London coffee scene is amazing!

There are cool or cosy London coffee shops around every corner. On my last trip I had a lot of coffee, of course. I both tried some new places and visited my old favourites. If you’re planning on visiting soon, here’s my round-up of places you definitely need to go. By the way, if you’re looking for Paris or Berlin coffee, I’ve got you covered as well!

Ozone Coffee Roasters

The 10 London coffee shops you need to visit: Travel Guide

I have wanted to visit Ozone Coffee Roasters for absolute ages. This time, I finally made it. It’s a beautiful coffee shop near Old Street in East London.

The vibe there is beautiful, so you can easily sit there for hours on end, just drinking coffee, watching people and reading books. I went there for breakfast and had the most amazing banana bread with nut butter. Also, it’s open almost all the time. Highly recommended!

Address + Opening Times

11 Leonard Street, EC2A 4AQ
Mon – Fri: 7:00 – 22:00
Sat – Sun: 8:30 – 5:30

Monmouth Coffee Company

The 10 London coffee shops you need to visit: Travel Guide Monmouth is a long time favourite of mine, and it should be on the list of everyone visiting the best London coffee shops. There are two locations, one near Neals Yard, one right by Borough Market.

I prefer the Borough Market location, but you should probably go on a weekday when the market isn’t on. Otherwise you won’t have a chance to actually get inside ;) It’s worth the wait though, if there’s a queue!

Address + Opening Times

2 Park Street, London SE1 9AB
Mon – Sat: 7:30 – 18:00

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Travel Guide: How to spend a slow weekend in Leiden

How to spend a slow, sustainable weekend in Leiden

Summer time! This means holidays, free time, traveling! Over here in Germany, summer always starts with three bank holidays at the end of May. So, a few weekends ago, I travelled to Leiden in the Netherlands! It’s a beautiful little student town close to the coast. It felt a bit like walking through mini-Amsterdam – without the crowds and the red light district.

Apart from being really beautiful, Leiden is also the perfect spot if you want to spend a slow and sustainable holiday! You can get everywhere by bike or on foot, there’s a lot of vintage shops around and there’s healthy food options and small coffee shops too! I really fell in love with the town and its slow pace. That’s why I definitely recommend that you put it on your list of places to go!
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