5 slow living goals for July

5 slow living goals for july

June is over already, can you believe it? For me, it’s been a good month with a few short holidays and the most beautiful sunny weather. I’ve started running again and spend my weekends in the sun. Not too bad! Now July’s here, my birthday month – I turn 24 in only a week. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to make July a month to strive for slow living goals. I want to implement a few habits I should have started practising already and refocus on my goals for the year. But first, let’s recap my June goals:

+ Have a vegan day: This totally worked! I actually realised how much of what I eat is vegan anyway, so on days I wasn’t eating out/with friends a vegan day was no problem at all.

+ Switch off for one day a week: No comment. This didn’t happen at all. Maybe next month?

+ Turn my home into an urban jungle: Yes! I started growing my own avocado trees (thanks for the guide Siobhan!) and I got some more plants at the nursery. It’s really addicting, so I can’t wait to buy some more. I’ve also gotten into the habit of buying fresh flowers every week and it makes my home such a happy place.

+ Take ill-fitting clothes to the tailor: Didn’t happen. Soon, hopefully!

+ Make my own-iced tea: With the heatwave last week I definitely made some iced tea. Just very simple with earl grey tea and some lemon. Do you have any favourite recipes?

3 out of 5 – not too bad, right? And now: (more…)

5 sustainable June goals

5 sustainable june goalsHey guys, June is around the corner! Can you believe it? I feel that 2017 is slipping by in a second, wasn’t Christmas just last week? After lots of travel in April and May, I’ll actually be home in Bonn all month. I set myself a few sustainable June goals and challenges. I can’t wait for summer to finally arrive and this is the perfect time to slow down and just enjoy.

My sustainable June goals

+ Turn my home into an urban jungle: I want to take nature inside and decorate with plants instead of plastic. At the moment I only have one ponytail palm and a tiny cactus in my apartment. This needs to change, so I will definitely head to the nursery a couple of times this month.

+ Go offline for one day of the week: I’ve wanted to start doing this for ages! For one day of the week, probably Sunday, I want to switch off my phone, computer, everything with a screen. I’ve been glued to my laptop lately (guilty!), so this will hopefully give me some headspace again. And save energy as well, of course ;)

+ Have one vegan day a week: I’ll be honest, right now, veganism wouldn’t be the right fit for me. I truly love my cheese and latte art! But I want to cut back and be more conscious about it, so one vegan day a week is a small start. Let’s see where I’ll go from there!

+ Take my ill-fitting clothes to the taylor: I’ve got a big pile of clothes at home that I don’t wear because they don’t really fit. Instead of letting them further collect dust or throwing them away, I finally want to take them to the taylor. This is sustainable in two ways: I won’t buy new clothes AND there’s less waste out there.

+ Make my own iced tea: Homemade iced tea is so good! It tastes a lot better than the kind bought at the store and it’s much healthier too. If you have any great recipes, please share!

These are my sustainable June goals! What are you working on this month? Feel free to tell me in the comments :)

Ready for Spring

dreaming of spring

I’m ready for Spring. I want to sit outside again, enjoy a drink with friends or read a book and not wear 10 layers of clothes. I’m in Paris at the moment (as you might have seen on my Instagram) and the sun was out almost everyday – it feels like bliss.

What I’m looking forward to this Spring

+ Going on city trips. For some reason, Spring is the perfect season for that! Winter is too cold, summer too hot and in autumn I just like to get cosy at home. Do you have any fun trips planned this season? I’m going to the Netherlands and London (finally, again!).

+ New outfits! Every year by the end of March I get really bored with my wardrobe and wearing coats all the time. Now that Spring is here I’m ready to mix it up again! I’m dreaming of fair fashion outfits like the one above: Blush Veja sneakers, a mom jeans, a light blouse and sun glasses.

+ Filling my house with plants. I only own a few succulents, but I really want to fill my house with more flowers and plants. I’ve started reading up on which plants are good for your room climate and a trip to the store is in order very soon.

+ Getting out my bike again! I’ve been lazy all winter and have taken the train, but it’s actually so much nicer to take my bike along the Rhine river and workout without even noticing.

+ Visiting new restaurants, cafés, shops, you name it. I don’t really feel like going out to new places in winter – it always feels like the day is over as soon as the sun sets at 6 pm. Now that Spring is around again, I’m ready to work on my list of places to see around Bonn and Cologne. Any tips where to go if you’re a local?

+ I scream ice cream. I didn’t eat nearly enough ice cream last year – that has to change this year ;) There’s a great shop just around the corner from my home and I went only once so far!

+ Sitting in the park reading books. For some reason, reading is even more fun while sitting outside, right? And you get the added bonus of (a hint of a) tan as well. On my reading list I have the new Jami Attenberg novel and a few collections of essays.

+ Flea markets. Obviously.

What are you looking forward to this Spring? Any fun plans?

What I’m looking forward to this Christmas season

looking-forward-christmas-2017It’s the first Sunday in Advent tomorrow, Christmas songs are playing, my favourite time of the year is upon us! Since Christmas is always here before you know it, I’m determined to make the most of it this year! It’s the loveliest time of the year, after all!

Christmas Season 2017

1. Getting my very own Christmas tree. In my old flat there wasn’t actually room for a tree, but now that I have a grown-up apartment, I want a Christmas tree as well! I will buy it the American way and put it up on the first of December. Can’t wait to decorate and sit under the lights with a cuppa tea.

2. Making cookies. I’ve been in a baking mood for months and now it’s finally time to try all the recipes!

3. Crafting and making presents. I haven’t actually made the time to be creative lately and what better time to craft than Christmas? I want to make some garlands (maybe with oranges), candles, everything!

4. Re-watching my holiday favourites. I always watch the Gilmore Christmas episodes, You’ve Got Mail, The Holiday, Bridget Jones and of course – Love Actually. Any other tips?

5. Making all my meals festive. Adding cinnamon to everything from coffee to porridge bowls, having hearty soups for dinner, drinking endless cups of hot chocolate – you know the drill.

6. The annual Christmas brunch with my friends. It’s another meal after eating for three days on end, but it’s always so much fun!

7. Reflecting on 2016 and making plans for the New Year. I’m a big goal setter and planner, so writing down what I want to do and where I want to go in 2017 is always a highlight.

8. Trying to find ways to make my Christmas gifts more mindful and environmentally friendly. I’m looking for ideas to give-away gifts with a purpose and use recycled wrapping as well. What are you giving away this season?

9. Going to the Christmas market and seeing lights everywhere. I know it’s always way too busy and there’s stressed people everywhere, but I still like it.

10. And of course: Making everything cosy! This is something that really pays off once the dreary months of January and February are here – even those don’t seem so bad when there are candles and hygge all around.

What are you looking forward to in the new season?

Links & Memories: Life is good!

Links & Memories: Life is good!Happy Sunday friends. Life is GOOD at the moment. Busy, of course, but filled with lots of fun, opportunities, and great people. This weekend was relaxed and slow and definitely what I needed to get ready for next week.

Links of the week

1. Spread a little kindness.

2. 10 Things to do before the year ends.

3. How much do our faces change during the day? Fascinating!

4. Recognition.

5. I got back into Instagram (thanks to the lovely Sara Tasker). Follow along!

Memories of the week: Life is good!

1. Yesterday, I went to see the new Woody Allen film, Café Society. It was fun and a nice evening, but definitely not one of his best movies.

2. On Thursday, I went to Cologne to see Patrick Salmen live. If you don’t know him, he’s a German poetry slammer and SO funny. We laughed till we were crying and had the most amazing time.

3. On Tuesday, I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in more than two years. We got pizza and talked for hours, it was a great time.

4. I’ve got into the habit of getting up extra-early every morning (5.30 am). Still working on it.

5. Autumn is almost over and Christmas is coming so I’ve started listening to Christmas songs on Spotify. Time to get in the holiday mood! (more…)

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